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Vancouver Shopping


  • The Bay
  • Bentall Shopping Centre
  • Sears Downtown
  • Cathedral Place
  • Harbour Centre
  • Royal Centre
  • Sinclair Centre
  • The Station
  • Vancouver Centre
  • Waterfront Centre
  • Pacific Centre
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    General Information
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    Shopping in Vancouver is an enjoyable and interesting experience. There are literally millions of shop out there that will entice you to buy various items and souvenirs. It is hard to pick out the best deals and the cheapest as there are too many shops to mention.

    However, we have complied a list of shopping malls that might interest you. For example, if you visit the Metrotown Mall or the Pacific Centre, you will find a variety of shops concentrated within a single area. If you walk down to Robson Street, you will find a good selection of individual shops. The street is also famous for its after hour shopping where it is the most busiest time of the day.

    Shopping hours vary from stores to stores but usually start at 10.30am and end around 9pm (weekdays). Stores will, however, open until 11pm a few days before and after Christmas Day for the sales.

    Downtown Shopping

    1. The Bay

    2. Established in 1670 by the Royal Charter of King Charles II, the Hudson's Bay Company is one of the oldest continuing commercial enterprise in North America. Early in this century, it has turned its attention to retailing, which has since then become its most important activity. Now known as The Bay, it boasts several stores with colorful boutiques with leading designer apparel, as well as the Bay's own line of clothing.
    3. The Bay Granville and West Georgia Streets

    4. Bentall Shopping Centre

    5. The Bentall Shopping Centre is located under the four Bentall office skyscrapers and it offers fashion and interesting stores such as Knot Just Ties, Osterson's Framing, and Perks. Other highlights are Tower Courts, a popular downtown fitness facility and Jean Pierre's Restaurant. There are travel agencies, a florist, medical and dental centre, as well as dry cleaning services and hair salons. Sample a variety of ethnic cuisine in the Bentall Food Court.
    6. Bentall Shopping Centre Burrard and Thurlow Streets

    7. Cathedral Place

    8. Walk towards the Cathedral Place and browse through the Canadian Craft Museum as well as the Sri-Lankan Gem Museum. Here, you can also find other shops and services which include a jeweller, print shop, chocolatier, florist, travel agent, restaurant and a coffee bar.
    9. Cathedral Place 925 West Georgia

    10. Sears Downtown

    11. What used to be the only Eatons Downtown has now been converted into the American outlet, Sears. Attempts were made to give the struggling Eaton company a face lift but ultimately met its demise due to the lack of public interest. The Canadian company finally closed its doors in 2002 and re-opened as the new Sears Downtown.
    12. Sears Downtown Granville and West Georgia Streets

    13. Harbour Centre

    14. Harbour Centre is famous for its observation deck known as the Look Out! Tower. It does cost to go to the top but you will rewarded with a magnificent view of the city. The cost is free if you want to dine at the Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant which offers you a great selection of continental cuisine with fresh seafood. For something cheaper, the Harbour Centre food court has a great selection of food ranging from Ukrainian to Chinese. Also included within the centre is SFU Bookstore. The Simon Fraser University campus is just next door and is well worth a visit.
    15. Harbour Centre 555 West Hastings Street
      Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant 555 West Hastings Street

    16. Pacific Centre

    17. The Pacific Centre is open seven days a week so you can be sure you won't miss out on shopping in Canada. There are three levels containing almost 200 stores thus occupying three city blocks. There is a convenient underground parking with entrances on Howe and Robson Streets. The centre also links to the The Bay, Sears Downtown and the Vancouver Centre.
    18. © virtualvancouver

(Pacific Centre at night)

      Pacific Centre Howe and West Gerogia

    19. Royal Centre

    20. The Royal Centre features about fifty stores, ranging from Marte's Fine Leather to Giorgio's Mens Wear. Royal Centre is not only the place to shop but is home to a 10 theatre cinema, food court, walk-in medical centre and dental clinic. This place is also helpful to cater to traveller's needs as it provide a foreign exchange service.
    21. Royal Centre Burrard and West Georgia Street

    22. Sinclair Centre

    23. Sinclair Centre is housed in four renovated heritage buildings. Services include a postal outlet, florist, shoe repair, travel agent, and food court. You can also find various governmental services upstairs which include a passport office and Canada Employment Centre. The Canada Customs and Revenue Agency can also be found here.
    24. Sinclair Centre 757 West Hastings Street, Vancouver

    25. The Station

    26. The Station has a departure terminal for the SeaBus, Sealink and Sky Train as well as several places for a quiet bite and hot coffee. You can also find the B.C. Business InfoCentre and the B.C. Trade Showcase.
    27. The Station West Cordova and Seymour Street

    28. Vancouver Centre

    29. The Vancouver Centre has 23 retail outlets and also features a two theatre cinema. What used to be Duthie Bookstore, is now London Drugs store which offers a wide range of pharmaceutical products to electronic gadgets.
    30. Vancouver Centre Granville and West Georgia Street

    31. Waterfront Centre

    32. Browse underground of one of the city's newest hotel (Pan Pacific Hotel) and eventually you will end up at the Waterfront Centre which hosts a collection of retail shops, fast food outlets and services including a travel agent, shoe repair, card shop and florist. Getting to the centre by public transport is easy. Simply catch the skytrain from any point and you will end up in the Waterfront Station which is directly under the centre itself.
    33. Waterfront Centre West Cordova and Howe Street

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