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Vancouver Gay Bars and Clubs

July 26, 2010
If you live in Vancouver then you'll know that Vancouver is an ethnically diverse city which is enrichened by its acceptance of people for who they are. The gay community in Vancouver is large and enjoys being accepted, for the most part, in this great Canadian city. There are many gay bars and clubs which cater towards gay men or are accepting of both gay and straight couples.

There are a lot of different places in downtown Vancouver which are great for going as a couple or for meeting up with single guys. It's easy to hook up with a great guy as long as you're self confident and know where to look. Some of the best places are located in downtown. Downtown has some great bars which are specifically geared for the gay crowd. All establishments should respect your rights! Regardless of their target audience make sure you exercise your rights to live a free life.

Here are some of the top gay bars and clubs. Some of the hottest gay bars include: 1181,The Pumpjack Pub,Numbers Cabaret,The Odyssey,Junction Public House,Fountainhead Pub,Oasis Pub.

Here's a quick poll which shows you how others have chosen their favorite pub. Please take a few seconds and provide your input as well.

Which is your favourite Vancouver gay bar or club?


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