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Vancouver's Marc Emery Extradited

May 21, 2010
Vancouver's Marc Emery, famous for being a retailer of "pot" has lost a five year long legal battle and has been extradited to the United States. Emery was arrested on May 10 in Vancouver. He will appear in court again on Monday. He was extradited yesterday to America for charges of selling marijuana seeds across the border.

Emery was arrested back in 2005 when the US requested that he be extradited to face criminal charges in the US. Emery has long been an advocate of legalizing marijuana. According to the American authorities Emery will face charges of manufacturing and distributing marijuana as well as conspiracy to money launder. Emery was allowed to remain in Canada while fighting his legal battle to be extradited. Emery could face up to five years in US prison if he's convicted.

Emery's supporters are appealing to the Canadian government to save Emery from facing US justice.

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