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Vancouver's Kitsilano Beach or Kits Beach

Kits Beach General Information
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Kitsilano Beach, or Kits Beach as referred to by the locals, possesses a very interesting if not colorful history. In the early 1900's an Irish man by the name of Sam Greer and his family settled upon the beach calling it after his own name. The beach was known then as Greer's Beach. Shortly after the Greer family settled down, the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) took over the waterfront and evicted the Greer family. Sam refused to move, claiming it was his right to stay on the land. He even tried to shoot the acting sheriff and was later hauled off to prison. The CPR never did developed the site and it soon became the hometown for many families who row across the English Bay to settle on Kits Beach.

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Beach) As if following the tradition of their ancestors, Vancouverites now flocked to the beach with their tents and sailboats, crowding the shores as they basked in the summer's sun. This is the beach for the young, the beachcombers and sunbathers and is constantly filled with a restless hum of energy. There are open tennis courts, volleyball and even basketball courts.

For a small fee, you can take a dip in the beach's heated saltwater pool which can accommodate anyone from toddlers to advanced swimmers. If you go outside the pool, you can see a little seawall that overlooks the ocean. There is a venue for amateur performers at the Kitsilano Showboat since 1935.

Summer months are usually the most busiest time to visit the beach. If you intend to spend the day at the beach, it is usually a good idea to come early to secure a good spot. Vancuver has many beaches, be sure to read the attractions guide for great sightseeing ideas.

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