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Wreck BeachVancouver Wreck Beach Wreck Beach is famous for its clothing optional, or nude beach aspect. The Wreck Beach Indoor Swim website provides information on nude - only swim featuring full-lenght pool, large hot tub, sauna, and water volleyball! Avoid overtly sexual activities at this beach. Show the public that nude is not lewd. Ask the regulators GVRD or RCMP for clarification.

Get nude, but respect the privacy of others. Gawking, staring or making rude remarks about other beach goers is not acceptable behaviour. This nude beach is yours to enjoy, please respect others and let them enjoy the beach too! Ask permission prior to taking any photographs. No unauthorized film making will be permitted.

Be careful when swimming or boating as no lifeguards are on duty. If there's an emergency then call 911 immediately. There is a volunteer manned first aid station near Trail no. 6.

No dogs allowed on the beach between May 1 to September 30. This beach does not allow the mixing of dogs and beach goers during these times. You may be fined if you violate this law.

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