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Vancouver Family Lawyer Kathleen WalkerVancouver Family Lawyer Kathleen Walker Kathleen H. Walker Law Corporation is a full service law firm in the heart of downtown Vancouver in the Province of British Columbia in Canada. Our law offices are located across from the old Law Courts (Art Gallery) and the Robson Centre Law Courts.

Our Vancouver Family Law firm has an experienced team of lawyers providing expert legal services in the areas of family law and divorce. We can help you obtain divorces and deal with common law relationship break-ups. Our Vancouver family law firm will protect your child custody, guardianship and access rights. Additionally we can deal effectively with paternity and child maintenance or support issues. We will protect your business and business assets, personal assets and your fair share of family income and property on marriage breakdown. Vancouver Family Law can assist clients in obtaining alimony or spousal support or defend against applications for alimony spousal support. We also collect debt payments and assess and litigate trusts.

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