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Stanley ParkStanley Park Ever since Captain Vancouver first sailed into the Burrard Inlet in 1792, he had assumed Stanley Park was an island. The truth was, the massive site was part of the mainland, mushrooming out into the Burard Inlet. In 1865, Edward Stamp arrived in Burard Inlet to established a sawmill. He chose the Squamish settlement of Khwaykhway as its prime location. When the Squamish assured Stamp that his log booms would not survive the heavy tides in the First Narrows, his mill provided the motivation for the rise of the city of Vancouver. It owes much to this ambitious captain’s success but also to his failure.

As a result, the park was left alone due to the logging industry problem thus giving rise to what is known as Stanley Park.

Be sure to visit Lord Stanley Monument as you proceed through the magnificent grove of trees and hills. In 1889, Lord Stanley, the then Governor General of Canada, publicly dedicated the park ‘to the use of all colors, creeds, and customs for all time." The statue is commissioned by local donors from English sculptor Sydney March. It was unveiled in 1960.

As you wander down the slop from the monument, watch out for the celebrated statue of Robert Burns Monument. The statue of the famous Scottish poet was erected in the year 1928 by the Vancouver Burns Fellowship.

Turning left from the Lord Stanley Monument, you will find the beautiful and enchanting Rose Garden. Summer is the best season to visit as you will be assailed by a sensuous array of colors and smell. The garden holds a magnificent display of about 275 varieties of roses and more than 3,000 individual bushes.

If you walk along the Stanley Park Drive you will eventually arrive at the Lost Lagoon which is located at the park's southeast edge and is a good place to watch out for wildlife animals. In the year 1938, the lagoon was declared a wildlife sanctuary and the Parks Board began to scatter seeds to encourage birds.

If you wish to feed the birds, it is important that you get them proper wild bird seeds. Feeding birds human food (e.g. bread, cakes etc) can threatened the birds especially birds which are migrating as they require the complex energy of unprocessed food for the long distance flight.

Visit the Stanley Park Ecology Society

The Miniature Train is the first Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) mini-replica engine which completed its inaugural Trans-Canada journey in 1886. This is an eight minute trip which takes passengers on a sylvan cruise through towering evergreens typical of the Pacific Northwest rainforest. The train operates all year long weather permitting.

If you are interested in putt golf then the park also has the Pitch 'n Putt Golf Course which is a great place to bring children along. You can always try the Children's Farmyard where an amazing variety of domesticated animals including many rare and endangered species, are free to roam and greet visitors if you're not into golf.

If you come during the months of May right through to September, there is a free operated shuttle service that runs from 9.30am to 6pm. It will pick you up at the entrance of the park and stops along various spots so you can get off and take pictures. If you are driving to the park, be aware that you will need to pay park.

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