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Attractions - Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver, Canada

Capilano Suspension BridgeCapilano Suspension Bridge Located in North Vancouver this tourist attraction is fun for the whole family. Walk across the famed suspension bridge, experience native Idian or first nations culture, enjoy nature as you walk through rainforest trails.

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I visited here from Washington state. My friend and I loved the bridge!
Review by Heather

Really nice. I like the bridge. I like the people there. The Tree House Attraction was nice.
Review by Maggie Chan

I'm from Africa and I just love the beauty of this mannmade bridge. The nature in Vancouver is a lot different from that in Africa and fortunately I was able to experience the forests of North Vancouver at Capilano Suspension Bridge
Review by Zainul

I took my out of town guests to the bridge. They really liked it. The best part is walking across the bridge. I didn't see very much native american culture though, just a gift shop and some totem poles.
Review by Kendall

I liked the suspension bridge, but I have a bit of a fear of heights so it wasn't the best tourist attraction for me.
Review by Sharon

This has been one of the best attractions that I've had the pleasure of seeing on my trip to Vancouver. The entrance fee was reasonably priced and my kids had a great time crossing this historic suspension bridge. Back home in New York there's nothing like a suspension bridge. I'd recommend this attraction to families with kids 2 to 16.
Review by Kyle

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